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End of Year Reflection – Innovation Power Box

To celebrate the completion of the Innovation Power Box program for the year 2021. Alongside our partner, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, we gathered with entrepreneurs and enablers from the Palestinian innovation ecosystem for the “End of Year Reflection” event.


Majd Khalifeh, the CEO of Flow Accelerator, kicked off the event by briefing the audience on the journey Flow Accelerator has gone through since the beginning to the day; the growth, the programs, and the people that have benefited from our efforts throughout the years. Majd has also revealed our upcoming program in collaboration with the Orange Corners and a couple more programs that are waiting for us at the beginning of next year.

اختيار 3 أفكار لشركات ناشئة في مجال التكنولوجيا المالية لتطويرها واحتضانها ضمن التعاون الذي يجمع البنك الوطني ومسرعة فلو

Three FinTech start-up ideas have been chosen to be incubated as part of the collaboration between the National Bank and Flow Accelerator

The jury chose three ideas for financial technology solutions to participate in the integrated incubation program launched by the National Bank in collaboration with the Flow Accelerator, with the goal of providing them with the necessary development support. The selection was made from among 18 entrepreneurs from the West Bank and Gaza Strip who had received intensive training from experts and specialists over the previous two days.  

The jury included a number of specialists and experts in the field in addition to official and regulatory authorities that included the Executive Director of the Financial Stability Group at the Palestinian Monetary Authority,

LearnZilla Team Building – Female Entrepreneurship Breakfasts

Hosted by Abeer Abu Ghaith – CEO of MENA Alliances that helps businesses scale their in-house teams by building remote teams of MENA’s top talent as needed. This session focused on team building, discussing its importance, and providing advice and tips as part of a framework that startups can use for an effective hiring process. 

The significance of hiring 

Human capital, according to Abeer, is the foundation of a successful startup. The team members represent the startup’s concept, vision, and mission. She emphasizes the significance of selecting candidates who are a good fit for the team.

Lift as You Climb by Professional Mothers – Female Entrepreneurship Breakfasts

In the “Lift as you Climb by Professional Mothers” session, and with the slogan “Courage is a Heart Word,” Walaa Samara – CEO and Founder of Walaa Samara Coaching LLC, and Program Manager at the Palestine Techno Park – dived deeply into the details of what made three mothers the great tech founders they are today through challenging both motherhood and entrepreneurship.  

Ayah Dajani, a Computer Systems Engineering graduate who has had a passion for working with young students since she was in college, is currently working full time in her second startup,

flow accelerator

Flow Accelerator partners with The National Bank to innovate FinTech Solutions in Palestine

As part of its social responsibility, the National Bank and Flow Accelerator announced their cooperation to support financial technology startups in Palestine. This collaboration is a result of the two parties’ previously signed agreement, and it is consistent with the National Bank’s approach of launching responsible banking products and services linked to its sustainable social responsibility program. This initiative was linked to the launch of its electronic services (online and mobile) this year, as well as the remote bank account opening service through (Onboarding).

challenge your audience

Challenge Your Audience

With the lack of quantitative data for early-stage startups, obtaining accurate findings that can assist with taking the next step in your entrepreneurial path or making the best investment decision becomes challenging! But what if there was a simple way for startups and investors to achieve reliable pre-money valuations simply by describing a startup’s qualitative elements?


Digital Excellence Strategies

Mr. Ameed Awad presented to our bright entrepreneurs an in-depth 4-hour training in digital marketing for platform-based startups. Deelzat, EzPilot, GIL, Sook.ps, Amal Work, Dokan Plus, Swift and Shabikni all joined along for a trip around the digital forms and tools used to achieve platform sustainability, guiding their transition from product to platform and the tips and tricks for surviving in this digital age.

Early-Stage Venture Funding

Early-Stage Venture Funding

Entrepreneurs, and funders gathered under one roof as part of the Innovation Power Box event “Early-Stage Ventures Funding”. Entrepreneurs spoke directly to our panelists; Habib Hazzan – Ibtikar Fund, Khalid Abu Alkheir – IPSD, and Laith Kassis – Fikra – Paltel Group Innovation Hub, about the gaps they’ve encountered in the Palestinian.

Future-Proof Ventures

Future-Proof Ventures-LearnZilla

In the “Future-Proof Ventures” online coaching event, Mr. Ameed Awad – the international digital consultant and trainer took our audience of female entrepreneurs on a tour in business sustainability though online marketing. In this digital marketing crash course, he revealed his strategies and techniques on Google Ads and social media channels for B2B and B2C businesses, to design ads to any segment as per business assigned goals. Mr.


Flow Accelerator briefs Minister Garneau on incubation services in GROW’s project as part of his visit to the West Bank

As part of Hon. Marc Garneau, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs visit to learn about the innovative impact of the Canadian international assistance in the West Bank; Flow Accelerator and Palestine Techno Park – partners of GROW Project – in the Renewable Energy Fund to Serve the Agribusiness Sector, jointly briefed the minister about their vision, objectives and complimentary partnership to deliver the desired outcome of the fund in both creative environment and impactful techniques aligning with GROW’s objectives.


LearnZilla – Ideas Gala

14 Female entrepreneurs put their pitching skills to the test and practiced their pitching performance as they rotated across our three judges – Razan Nasr, Head of Stimulation and Exploration Department at The Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence, and Alaa Fatayer, Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Fikra- Paltel Group Innovation Hub. Our two panelists provided their feedback on the flow of content covered, the presenting skills of our participants, their business ideas itself, business plan and present skills of our participants of female entrepreneurs and their tips for an outstanding performance in their journey of entrepreneurship.

Champs’ Breakfast

Champs Breakfast

After a period of only seeing the pixelated faces of entrepreneurs at virtual events, with “Champs’ Breakfast” we kicked off our series of offline networking events under the “Innovation Power Box” program. Aimed at assisting entrepreneurs in developing their capacity, skills, product, matching accelerator requirements & investor due diligence, and keeping them motivated throughout their journey.