Flow Entrepreneurship Program

Flow offers entrepreneurs an opportunity of an integrated process that works towards accelerating the growth of their business ideas and team competencies within an impactful approach through the Flow Entrepreneurship Program. Each program cycle consists of various components over a 9-month period time-frame preceded by a recruitment process that aims to shape interactive and integrated alumnus of enterprises that are an essential element of the Palestinian ecosystem.
The program is tailored to fit each stage of the startup’s lifecycle based on the characteristics of the business, team commitment, traction, needs, problem and market fit, marketability, growth pace, milestones and the overall status.


Flow precedes the program’s kick off with a recruitment phase that attracts and hunts ideas to recruit them to the incubation phase. The recruitment process starts with an open online application targeting university graduates, entrepreneurs with potential ideas, pre-startups and lean startups. The call for application is promoted through attraction activities, events and online platforms adverts. This is followed by evaluation, shortlisting, pitching and judging to select the startup ideas that will proceed to the next phase.


In a 12 week time-frame, the heavily deliverable phase of incubation is designed to provide generic & specific business development mentorship, personal coaching, problem solving, and technical assistance on concept development of prototype, progressive evaluation and product development for each incubated startup delivered by local and international mentors & experts. This is matched to fit each startup's lifecycle stage to transform ideas to lean startups or strengthen their current status, aiming to prepare for execution after passing the acceleration pitch. During this phase, Flow will work closely with the incubated teams to improve their understanding on each component of their business, deliverables and startup lifecycle. With a full belief and understanding of the idea, its market and operational viability for each entrepreneur, Flow will then support the startup in getting off the ground.


The six-month acceleration phase will work towards executing the prepared action plan to meet the set milestones of each startup through seed fund financing for each’s financial plan. This phase consists of networking opportunities, alpha & beta testing, negotiations & fundraising skills coaching as well as accomplishing all the milestones that should secure a successive round of investment.

Alumni Engagement

Graduates of the Flow Entrepreneurship Program will be engaged in an interactive and integrated alumni platform to assure the flow of resources, skills, knowledge, connections and means of support among the graduates and other prospect startup teams. Flow aims to encourage the program’s alumnus to remain active in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem through the engagement in direct mentorship and experience sharing in other cycles and programs. The Alumni Engagement structure will be via human recruitment support, meetups, founders recycling, scaling up, promoting opportunities, community outreach and sustainability.