Today we concluded the CyberFest Hackathon! Eleven ideas and thirty-two participants gathered in Jericho to conceptualize the startup ideas that they came up with during the previous CyberFest ThinkTank. Through a series of training sessions on various topics from Business modelling to financial planning, market research, prototyping, storytelling and many more, the teams were able validate their ideas furthermore and work on developing it day and night throughout those two days.
Besides the training and workshops, the participants got to meet and hear from two Palestinian tech founders Kareem Kurt – Co founder of Byrdbyte and Amin Ali – founder of Brocali. They shared their valuable knowledge and experience being startup founders themselves and having already been through the journey that is awaiting our participants.
The third day of the Hackathon was the Pitching Day for our participants in the CyberFest program! Eleven ideas were pitched, and we were beyond happy to see all the creative and tech forward solutions that have great potentials in the local and global market. But at the end of the day, only one solution can take the number one spot, and it was Labeeb, founded by Yahya Alayasah and Said Zatary. We congratulate all our participants for the great effort and the amazing ideas that they have developed.