In this phase we assist startups in overcoming the typical “funding readiness” gap, dragging their traction to meet the required international investors criteria and being investment ready to scale up and expand to other markets.
Tailored to meet every Startup’s need, customized one on one mentoring from industry experts will be arranged, to provide the maximum value for each startup.
To enable companies quickly get up to steam by executing their traction plans, mentoring is supported by a pre-seed fund capital, product-market fit support, alongside the legal support and access to a strong regional network. Preparing startups focus on their product launch, alpha and beta testing, product refinement, networking with future investors, linkage with other ecosystems, and mentoring on; messaging, sales, customer success, user experience, operations and growth hacking.
Extra funding will be leveraged in this phase by ecosystem key stakeholders through matching grant facilities in order to increase the funding base for a better outcome.
The outcome of the Pre-Acceleration is a ready-to-scale, institutionalized, and market validated tech startup with a go-to-market strategy, operations manuals, and toolkits capable of attracting successive rounds of investment based on traction and impact.