Pre-incubation is a mentorship-driven program with appropriate business and technical aspects that thoroughly prepares entrepreneurs to execute and implement their innovative ideas as startups.

Providing entrepreneurial competencies, experience, business modeling, risks, and opportunities discovery approaches will assist the participant in completing the ideation phase based on scientific and business approaches from around the world and validating their Problem-Market fit.

Design thinking, customer validation, product roadmap design, and development, as well as market research methodologies, are among the topics that will be addressed by our network of international partners and pool of mentors.

In order to help participants improve their execution capacity.

This will be achieved through a series of generic coaching sessions, workshops, supportive events, and activities led by industry experts and top-notch local and international mentors.

Flow Accelerator provides associated incubators with a world-class Approach to collaborate on the implementation of the Pre-incubation rounds.