Getting your startup off the ground takes a lot of time and work and being able to tell whether you’re on the right track or not isn’t any easy task. We created the Pre-Incubation program, to allow entrepreneurs ideate and conceptualize before moving on to Pre-incubation.


Grow your startup with the help of Flow Accelerator’s Incubation Program, which offers training in management, operational efficiency, strategy, design thinking, and user experience to empower the participants.

Pre- Acceleration

Through our Pre-Acceleration program, we assist startups in overcoming typical “funding readiness” gaps by preparing them to meet the International investment criteria of global investors. The Pre-Acceleration program enables participants secure funding for the next round of investment and expand globally

Flow Accelerator supports the Palestinian ecosystem stakeholders – entrepreneurs and investors simultaneously aiming to develop a viable innovation infrastructure. With an efficient strategic approach and an impactful methodology, Flow Accelerator helps early-stage startups overcome financial and technical barriers to become investment-ready based on the best practices helping Palestinian ventures grow, while strengthening the sustainability of local communities and improving the overall economy of the country.

Community Building

Flow Accelerator is a platform that bridges and connects entrepreneurs and idea-holders, service providers and enablers with teams and customers to help businesses succeed.

Ecosystem Development

With the goal of developing a sustainable ecosystem. We offer the means to help your startup grow by providing access to talent, mentors, and investors, as well as our participation as speakers, judges, and mentors in other’s programs and activities to share the knowledge and experience.

Alumni Engagement

A new structure has been developed to keep alumni involved in the entrepreneurial community. Through human recruitment, meetups, founders recycling, opportunity promotion, direct mentorship, and experience-sharing are the main components that the new Alumni Community is built upon.

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