Flow Accelerator’s programming corresponds to the startups’ journey and lifecycle, from “idea to product, to growing business” and from “talent to team, to real organization,” which reflects the key focus areas from an ecosystem perspective – formation, validation, and growth – and embeds top tier services that support startup output, early-stage funding, activating entrepreneurially-minded individuals, and growing a more connected local community. Starting with an ecosystem framework approach, Flow Accelerator builds on existing initiatives and completes interventions with a complementary supportive strategy that addresses service targets in the startup value chain. In the formation phase, the focus is on inspiring and attracting new talent, as well as providing access to entrepreneurial education, ideas, and knowledge to assist in developing the appropriate mindset, understanding, and abilities for the journey ahead, as well as what steps to take in what order, and what support is available along the way. During the validation phase, assistance is redirected to product development, strengthening the core team through mentoring or the addition of additional team members, team and product validation, and customer development. During the growth phase, the focus moves to extra resources, growth-related key performance indicators (KPIs), the development of processes for scaling various company operations, the enhancement of financials, and the facilitation of international expansion.