Incubation targets entrepreneurs who have not yet corporatized their startup and about to start developing their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). At this stage we assist entrepreneurs to rapidly build their products through prototyping funding grants and grow through mentorship-driven trainings in management, operational efficiency, strategy, user experience and other topics preparing them for their next phase of market launch. 

Participants are empowered by a valuable set of tools and expanding their knowledge of what it takes to build a sustainable business through instilling new ways of innovative thinking, cost reduction, and rapid product development. The incubation phase is designed to help businesses launch after accessing the required financial support for product development, business planning, compiling a strong pitch deck, a financial model, and go-to-market plans, in which founders will be all set to participate in the Pre-Acceleration phase and approach investors for their next round of funding. 

Shabab Plus

An incubation program tailored for entrepreneurs in the validated idea stage. It aims to assist creative minds with scalable solutions in the tourism and agricultural sectors.

FinTech Camp

An incubation program catering to individuals and groups, supporting entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas or prototypes in financial technology. The program guides innovative solutions through a comprehensive incubation journey, facilitating their journey towards market launch.

The Renewable Energy Innovation Fund

An incubation program specifically aimed at entrepreneurs in the idea and proof-of-concept stage. This program creates a supportive environment conducive to innovation, testing, and scaling renewable energy solutions for agribusinesses.

Flow Entrepreneurship

An incubation program designed for startups across various industries, focusing on bringing their solutions to the market. In its initial phase, the program successfully incubated and accelerated six startups, preparing them for investment opportunities.