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Shabab Plus is the newest addition to Flow Accelerator’s programs family! The program is funded by the Big Heart Foundation in partnership with the UNDP and Flow Accelerator. Shabab Plus is an incubation program that aims to incubate creative entrepreneurs that have applicable and scalable projects in multiple sectors: 

  • Agriculture 
  • Tourism 

The main goal of the program is promoting resilient and sustainable business for a vibrant circular economy in the State of Palestine by supporting 15 entrepreneurs from the West Bank and Gaza in moving from the idea stage to the product modeling stage, and then testing the product, in order to come up with an inclusive business plan, they will also be granted seed funding for building the product.  

Incubatees are first assessed in order to figure out their needs and prepare for a suitable business plan for each entrepreneur, then they build a business plan and crystallize the business opportunity, and lastly, they build and test their initial product. During the incubation period, the incubatees go through a set of sessions, trainings and workshops in line with guidance and direction by specialists and experts in different fields, in addition to contributing to the enhancement and development of the personal skills and capabilities of entrepreneurs at various levels and expanding their network of relationships within a supportive entrepreneurial environment. 


Program Stages 

 The program will go through three phases consisting of: 

  • Phase 1: Needs Assessment: Identifying key challenges facing the targeted sectors by experts of these fields. 
  • Phase 2: Bootcamp: It aims to adjust and shape ideas and build the foundations and concepts of entrepreneurship through a series of sessions to produce an advanced presentation that meets all the basic elements of a presentation, in order to present it to a judging committee specialized in the targeted sectors and entrepreneurship. 
  • Phase 3: Incubation: 15 entrepreneurs from the West Bank and Gaza will be incubated in a program of 6 months.  


 Target Audience 

The program targets innovative and inspiring youth from different segments of Palestinian society between the ages of 22 and 36, and belong to one or more of the following segments: 

  • Young people with experience in the targeted sectors. 
  • Young people working or associated with the target sectors. 
  • Young people with skills related to the target sectors. 
  • Graduates with related disciplines. 
  • Young people with ideas for potential solutions in the targeted sectors. 
  • Young people with solutions in targeted sectors. 


Program Benefits 

After 15 participants are selected from the West Bank and Gaza, they will receive services that include: 

  • Seed funding. 
  • An integrated business plan. 
  • An opportunity to build and test the initial product. 
  • Product development services. 
  • A set of specialized and qualitative sessions. 
  • Guidance at the hands of specialists in various fields. 
  • Building a valuable network of relationships with the entrepreneurial environment. 

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