Story Impact

As Palestine stands amongst the 4th highest unemployment rate for youth in the world, the youth unemployment increased to 46.30% in 2017. Therefore, the creativity and energy of talented young Palestinians is being invested in outside the country due to the lack of local employment opportunities as well as the political obstacles Palestinian employees face daily.
Entrepreneurship is a significant stepping stone in the process of decreasing the level of youth unemployment. While adopting this approach to deal with the increased level of unemployment in Palestine, many business advisories, consulting services and incubators are trying to attract the youth population towards the private sector and self-employment. This is consistent with the fact that the economic indicators show increases in the level of unemployment in Palestine to 29% in 2017 from 27% in the prior year.

Despite the difficulties,

15% of Palestinian university graduates have attempted to start their own businesses in 2016.


Introducing business best practices and market-adapted incubation and acceleration process in parallel to strengthening the team’s entrepreneurial competencies that meet Palestinian sustainable development requirements for young entrepreneurs.


A developed and sustainable Palestinian economy through empowerment of youth entrepreneurs, who contribute to growth, job creation and higher standards of living for future generations.

The Team

It is said that a team should ‘Not start a company unless it’s an obsession and something they love’, and Flow is that fantastic space that we love and inspires us.

We aspire to innovatively portray how solutions for startup problems rely on the stories of interactive, collaborative and cooperative work. At Flow, we promote gender equality, women empowerment, economic growth and decent work opportunities for young visionaries, hoping to establish solid institutions in Palestine.

Core Values