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Flow Accelerator supported different startups from diverse industries in launching their solutions to the market. In its first cycle, 6 startups have been incubated and accelerated into investment-ready ventures. Through a 12-week time-frame, the heavily deliverable-focused phase of incubation was designed to provide:
(1) Generic & specific business development mentoring, one-on-one coaching, problem solving, and technical assistance on concepting and prototyping, as well as progressive evaluation and product development techniques delivered by local and international mentors & experts for the participants of the program.
(2) Networking and supportive events and activities to encourage the engagement of participants as well as different local and global stakeholders to open the door for any potential interests.
(3) Empowering the business development process in specific business aspects such as product development, legal support, marketing & primary steps of commercialization through providing and managing grants.
(4) Providing additional In-kind services matched to startup stage within the startup’s lifecycle, to enable the participants of running their operations resourcefully, transform their idea into a lean startup, and prepare them for execution.
During the first phase of the program, Flow worked closely with the participants to furthermore understand the business aspects, required deliverables through the program, and startup lifecycle.
In partnership with Finance for Jobs – a world bank funded project- Flow runs its second round of the program, funding specific niche of startups who have already developed their prototype to proceed with their product development and prepare them to be investment ready.