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Orange Corners Palestinian Territories is an initiative by the Kingdom of Netherlands to encourage youth development and entrepreneurship and provide them with the needed resources, coaching, and business development services; powered by Flow Accelerator. Orange Corners Palestinian Territories signedd partnership agreement with AstraZeneca’s Young Health Programme (YHP) to combine efforts and support OCPT in helping Palestinian talents escalating to the next level.

The main programme of Orange Corners Palestinian Territories is the incubation programme that aims to help entrepreneurs with an MVP in the early stages by providing them with access to resources, outreach, networking, business development support, and high-end mentoring to get the startup ready to escalate their venture for the next step of readiness to attract pre-seed funding with a global perspective. 

To select the startups that are qualified to participate in a six-month incubation programme, 50 teams were selected to participate in a two-day bootcamp to put all entrepreneurs typically on the same level of resources for a great pitch and 15 startups have been selected accordingly. Therefore, competitiveness was on the level of information depth and venture viability in the pitching event.  

The Incubation Programme consists of the following components:  

  • Entrepreneurial Training Sessions: Each entrepreneurial training will focus on certain IRL works as a diagnostic tool, yet a guidance for the progress and evolvement of the startup opportunity.  
  • Mentoring Sessions: Mentors act as supervisors and check in when needed and scheduled throughout the programme.  
  • Business Development Support: BDS shall help startups to step up and progress in both the business and the product side and will be matched with the progress of investment readiness levels and what is needed to pass them. 
  • Gate Checks: An approved validation committee comprised of high-end experts, venture development mentors, and successful founders will be evaluating the progress of entrepreneurs between modules through structured Gate Checks. 

Supporting Activities: 

  • Masterclasses: Along with the programme implementation, master classes in relevant topics have been designed to support the current module and prepare for the next. 
  • Community Outreach Events: A series of networking events have been designed to support entrepreneurs in developing their capacity, skills, product, and networking. 
  • Investment Warm Rooms: Investment Warm Rooms will be implemented during the incubation programme for investors to present their criteria and due diligence process and for entrepreneurs to pitch for potential matchmaking. 

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