Today we concluded the 4th bootcamp under the CyberFest program, this month’s topic was Blockchain and Fintech.

We kicked off day one with “The Rise of Open Banking” session with Muhammad Awaisi. During this session Muhamad introduced the participants to the concept of open banking ecosystem, its stages, regulators, early adopters, and key tenets of a successful Open Banking Ecosystem leading to a more competitive financial market. On top of open banking, Muhamad discussed new business opportunities based on Deloitte case studies and research reports. He then dived deeper into technical details of Open Banking APIs with samples, standards & documentations, before highlighting Fintech startups.

Taha Shawar, then took the participants to a deep dive into the blockchain and cryptocurrency world in his “All About Blockchain” session. Explaining the new world economy created by a perfect harmony between hardware and software. Concepts, terminologies, a technical break down of the technologies presenting real life use cases were presented to give a better understanding of this technology and its potentials. Taha then gave the audience enough information to install and deploy a crypto currency wallet on their phones and web browsers in his “Launch Your Crypto Wallet” hands-on workshop.
Hamodi F Abu Nasser took off the second day of the bootcamp with the “Deep Dive into Crypto” Session. He addressed the unprecedented growth the crypto market has experienced in the past couple of years. Hamodi explained the smart contract technology on which the crypto and trading platforms are based on and addressed the matters of control, sharing, commercialization and security of digital copyrighted works in the Internet arena.
Wajed Afaneh guided the participants as they launch their first ever NFT. Before getting all technical in the hand-on workshop, Wajed started off his session with an introduction on smart contracts, most known languages in crypto, content protocol and contract standards, and lastly IPS and opensea.
Lastly, with the “Let’s Get Legal!” session, Layan Yassin explored the several legal aspects of blockchain technology. From financial services, money laundering, and smart contract, Layan and the most recent legal cases, and the role of blockchain lawyers.