Under the Shabab Plus is an incubation program, which aims to incubate creative entrepreneurs that have applicable and scalable projects in the Agriculture and Tourism sectors, we held the Shabab Path training camp. A 3-day bootcamp that hosted 30 entrepreneurs from the West Bank and Gaza have attended various training sessions on entrepreneurship and business development.


The main objective of the first day was to introduce the participants to the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation in addition to the available opportunities and challenges in the agriculture and tourism fields. The sessions also tackled the design thinking process and why it’s important for all startups to discover their customer needs and value proposition.


The second day of Shabab Path training camp was rich and valuable in terms of speakers and training sessions content as all participants were able to identify their customers and markets besides being introduced to the marketing and sales concepts. Participants from the West Bank and Gaza also learned the fundamentals of product development and prototyping.


The third day was the last training day for the participants. We were joined by inspiring speakers who were competent and delivered high-quality business and technical knowledge. The entrepreneurs got acquainted with the skills of financial planning, startup legal requirements, and were prepared for the pitching day in terms of components and presentation skills. We concluded the day listening to a successful and inspiring Palestinian entrepreneurial story.


The fourth was the pitching simulation day. The entrepreneurs had the chance to practice their pitching skills and apply the knowledge they had gained in the previous days to their pitch. They were able to receive comments and general points in order to prepare them for the final pitching day which will determine the entrepreneurs who will be moving on to the incubation stage after pitching their solution in front of a judging panel.


Shabab Path was concluded with the fifth and final day, the Pitching Day! Where 26 entrepreneurs pitched their ideas in front of 2 judging panels. Shabab Plus incubation programme will help them incubated solutions develop their ideas and turn them into products.


Stay tuned for the announcement of the solutions that will participate in the incubation programme in the upcoming days!