With the lack of quantitative data for early-stage startups, obtaining accurate findings that can assist with taking the next step in your entrepreneurial path or making the best investment decision becomes challenging! But what if there was a simple way for startups and investors to achieve reliable pre-money valuations simply by describing a startup’s qualitative elements?

In this event, Eiass Muhanna, the Co-founder and CEO of Startup Falcon, challenge the audience with his pre-money valuation solution Startup Falcon! Hakini, AmalWork, GIL, and other startups tried out his solution is the Innovation Power Box product testing event “Challenge Your Audience”!

7 startups tested Startup Falcon live in the event, and Eiass went through each step of the process explaining the weight of the variables chosen in his valuation approach, and the research behind it. After testing, the audience provided the founder and CEO of this qualitative-based valuation solution with suggestions and more input to consider for an even better user experience and `to deliver a greater value proposition for your user.

Eiass Muhanna explained that Startup Falcon gives you the opportunity to change in variables and getting a deeper look on what ups your valuation and what factors are decreasing it, helping you understand your priorities and gives you a clearer vision to the next steps you should take.