We kicked off the CyberFest Program with the first bootcamp under the topic of Cyber Security.


In the first day, from hackers, Cyber Attacks, Malwares, Cyber Security for developers, and many more. Our participants were lectured on a variety of topics! We stared off the day with a quiz from Amal Khalaily on general information about cyber security! The Backend Developer at Palo Alto Networks walked the participants through an introduction on the topic, then went deeper into the topic explain the various types of hackers, the different types of passwords hacking, cyber-attacks, and malwares among many more in her session. Delivering the second session was Muhammad Awaisy, who took the participants through a deeper dive into cyber attacks teach them on zero days and Stuxnet virus, authentication vs verification. The senior software engineer at Bond had also shed the light on the most prominent cyber security startups in today’s world. Finally, Maryam Egbria wrapped up the first day of the Cyber security bootcamp with a Kali Linux training on the spot.
On the second day of the session, Yazan Khalaf, an Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect, kicked off the day with a session on cloud cyber security, in which he prepared the participants for a workshop in which they got to open their own AWS accounts and learn how to monitor potential security threats through cloud applications. The following session at the bootcamp was led by Elias Hazboun, the Cyber Security Manager at Spike Online, who explained the applications of cyber security in AI, IoT, and DevOps. Finally we closed the Cyber Security bootcamp with the final session on Design Thinking, in which Omar Murra, the UX/UI designer prepared the participants to develop their own entrepreneurial ideas.