Mr. Ameed Awad presented to our bright entrepreneurs an in-depth 4-hour training in digital marketing for platform-based startups. Deelzat, EzPilot, GIL,, Amal Work, Dokan Plus, Swift, and Shabikni all joined along for a trip around the digital forms and tools used to achieve platform sustainability, guiding their transition from product to platform and the tips and tricks for surviving in this digital age.

This training helped our entrepreneurs get in on top of their customers’ minds with the strategies and techniques for designing ads for any segment, based on the business’s goals, with the help of Google Ads and social media channels, as well as highlighting the importance the incorporation of Mailchimp is an email marketing platform, Google Analytics, and digital branding.

Through this cyber transformation crash course, Ameed helped our audience of entrepreneurs catch up with the digital era, by guiding their transition from product to platform, with the best online business and marketing practices.