To celebrate the completion of the Innovation Power Box program for the year 2021. Alongside our partner, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, we gathered with entrepreneurs and enablers from the Palestinian innovation ecosystem for the “End of Year Reflection” event.


Majd Khalifeh, the CEO of Flow Accelerator, kicked off the event by briefing the audience on the journey Flow Accelerator has gone through since the beginning to the day; the growth, the programs, and the people that have benefited from our efforts throughout the years. Majd has also revealed our upcoming program in collaboration with the Orange Corners and a couple more programs that are waiting for us at the beginning of next year.


The Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s head, Julius von Freytag-Loringhoven, then gave us a celebratory word, and the activities began!


Three rising of startups to pitch their ideas and got their names and faces out there in front of an audience full of entrepreneurs and enablers that got to critique their performance through a live poll to open their eyes to different perspectives and points of view of other entrepreneurs.


Then we jumped to testing the audience’s knowledge about the startup ecosystem in Palestine with Trivia Night, where we challenged the audience to identify the names and faces of local companies, incubators and accelerators as well as their logos and general information.

The event ended with the guests networking and chatting in a cozy atmosphere over food.