Every beginning has an end, and every end is the beginning of a new adventure. Today we celebrated the end of the first cycle of the Orange Corners Palestinian Territories Incubation Programme, in the presence of the Netherlands Representative in the Palestinian Territories, Mr. Michel Rentenaar, and many representatives from the private sector and our partners from the Palestinian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

At the same time, we welcomed the second cycle and the new group of incubatees. It was a great opportunity to meet the first cycle and become part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. We are proud of the achievements that have been achieved and looking forward to achieving more results and supporting entrepreneurs during the coming programmes.

It was a pleasure to share the achievements of our incubatees during the first cycle. Where the first cycle incubatees had the chance to pitch their solutions in front of our attendees in person and through Zoom. The pitching sessions was very inspiring for everyone at Flow Accelerator’s office, to see the progress and the long way they have come since the beginning of the OCPT incubation programme.

The pitching sessions were especially inspiring for the second cycle incubatees who recently participated in a three-day bootcamp. The sessions were a great source of motivation for them since they had the chance to see the great ideas and solution that crystallized within the OCPT incubation programme.

We concluded the event by handing awards to the first cycle incubatees in appreciation of their commitment and efforts, and to welcome them to the Orange Corners Alumni community. Also, incubation agreements were signed by the second cycle incubatees to kick off their journey in the OCPT incubation programme.