By the end of December, Flow Accelerated had completed its journey of assisting five Palestinian startups in the early stages of purchasing business development services, for which it had been compensated 70% by the World Bank-funded F4J through EE-MG. Using this grant model, each startup met specific milestones, bringing them closer to investor readiness. 

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Matching Grants (EE-MG) is a grant fund which supports innovative Palestinian small businesses to increase revenue, attract investment, and create jobs. Through the EE-MG, F4J works with Palestinian investment funds and enablers to identify and build the capacity of local start-ups. 

Crownox, Amal, Hakini, Deelzat and Shadanayoga had benefted from this program Which focuses on helping startups in overcoming the typical “funding readiness” gap, dragging their traction to meet the required international investors criteria and being investment ready to scale up and expand to other markets. 

This program is supporting startups with product launches, alpha and beta testing, product refinement, networking with prospective investors, connecting with other ecosystems, and mentorship in messaging, sales, customer success, user experience, operations, and growth hacking. 

Crownox offers a one-stop-shop  automated  solution  covering  global  travel  security  needs  and emergency  response  for  multinational  companies,  through  a  vetted  and  reliable  global  network  of security  specialists.  The  all-inclusive  solution  automates  the  full cycle  of  a  security  operation,  and comprises a web platform and a mobile app, through which emergency response and security services are offered to decision makers and on-ground operators. 

Hakini offers a platform that provides online therapy support for individuals from Palestine and around the world. This support is provided through a mobile application and the web. The Hakini team created several assumptions about the potential customers that would use and pay for our platform’s services. 

Shadana Yoga is the first and largest Arabic platform for holistic wellbeing, using methods of Yoga, Meditation, Breathing and holistic lifestyle. 

Deelzat is a socially integrated eCommerce Platform with a vision of enabling every entrepreneur to have all the resources available to reach their maximum potential, while opening up a whole new world of products to buyers. 

Amal Is a management solution for the construction industry workforce, we gather real-time data through workers while working on-site then this data is used to reduce human error, optimize the workforce and make data-driven decisions