Hope and resilience shines through with the Investment Showcase: Catalyzing Sustainable Growth. This exclusive, invite-only event was designed to unite investors and founders in a pitching event, symbolizing the conclusion of the Upscale journey initiated in March 2023. This program, executed in collaboration between Flow Accelerator and SPARK, and funded by the European Union.

Despite the backdrop of challenges, nine startups took the virtual stage, presenting their groundbreaking ideas to a distinguished audience. Notable attendees included Silicon Badia, Dash Ventures, BLDR Ventures, Wamda Capital, BECO Capital, Cross Boundary, Ibtikar Fund, PARACHUTE16, Silicon Valley Venture and Innovation, along with other angel investors.

Unfortunately, dear startups from Gaza couldn’t join, yet their spirit resonates in our virtual space, a testament to Palestinian entrepreneurs’ unwavering commitment to thrive amid obstacles.

During the showcase, each startup was allotted a concise yet impactful 3-minute slot to articulate their pitching ideas. Following these brief pitches, the audience expressed their interest in meeting with startups through an interactive poll. This interaction will not only facilitate networking but also provide an avenue for in-depth conversations about each startup’s vision and potential.

The showcase marked the culmination of a collective commitment to sustaining support for these startups. As the event concluded, a foundation was laid for ongoing collaboration, ensuring that the momentum generated transforms into tangible, lasting success for the participating startups.


Our overarching goal persists in nurturing Palestinian entrepreneurship, fostering enhanced connections between startups and potential investors, raising awareness of the investment potential within the Palestinian innovation ecosystem, and providing actionable insights to overcome funding hurdles.


Stay tuned for upcoming connections and the enduring impact of these innovative ventures.