Today, Orange Corners Palestinian Territories held its’ second community development event, Challenge Your Audience. Challenge Your Audience is a product testing event where we host startup founders to present their solutions in front of a crowd of like-minded entrepreneurs, enablers from the Palestinian entrepreneurial ecosystem, and investors to try out their products and provide feedback and suggested improvements.


Mohammad Khalaf, the creator of Bazzard, and Ali Abu Ghosh, the co-founder of Zifaf App, two of Orange Corner’s Palestine incubatees, challenged our audience with their solutions during this event. They began by pitching their startups and presenting their solutions and user flow with a live demo.


After being introduced to Bazzard and Zifaf App. Our audience put those solutions to the test live and provided their feedback on the platforms’ features, functions, user experience & interface. They also offered suggestions and advice to how to improve their solutions and what features they should consider to add!