Launch of YLG’s FinTech Bootcamps

In the third phase of the Youth Led Growth initiative implemented by Flow, FinTech bootcamps have been launched in Ramallah on November 16thand continued in Nablus and Hebron in the following weeks.

Professionals in the finance and banking industry, teachers, students and interested youth joined the bootcamps to learn more about entrepreneurship and its implication on their work.
The bootcamp’s structure included unlocking entrepreneurial skills and mindsets, the rationale behind some aspects of a startup business, and addressing the different types of FinTech companies, Insights on FinTech startups and an ideation workshop.

To bridge the gap between traditional methods of creating a business and creative startup innovations, Flow has collaborated with several entrepreneurs, founders, speakers and experts to deliver the desired outcome of the FinTech bootcamps. Flow is grateful to Dina Titi and Wala’ Abdel Aziz from Receet, Samia Darwish from Jawwal Pay, Fatima Qadi from Madfoo3atCom, Amru Daud from Stagira and Christian Zaknoun from Thinking Consultancy Firm.