In the face of current challenges in Palestine, hope prevails as we witness the energy and resilience of Palestinian youth striving for positive change. We are excited to announce the commencement of Cycle 4 of our flagship programme, standing as the cornerstone of our commitment to fostering entrepreneurial success and inspiring hope. 


The primary goal of our Incubation Programme is to empower entrepreneurs in their early stages, providing essential elements for success. This includes access to valuable resources, extensive support opportunities, a robust network, comprehensive business development support, and top-tier mentoring. Our objective is to prepare startups with Minimum Viable Products (MVP) for the next stage, enhancing their readiness to attract seed funding globally. 


Despite ongoing challenges and continuous aggression in our beloved Gaza, we have adapted to proceed with the selection process, boot camp, and the initiation of incubation activities, prioritizing the safety and current needs of entrepreneurs. This allows us to foster innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship in both virtual and physical spaces. 


We are delighted to welcome the new cohort and the teams to our community of entrepreneurs, changemakers, and innovative startups. This presents an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas to join a community dedicated to nurturing innovation and propelling ventures to new heights. Together, we aim to overcome challenges and convey a message of hope through resilience, creativity, and the power of innovation. 


The journey to entrepreneurial success begins here!