Learning from Moonshoots by Google for Startups

In partnership with Gaza Sky Geeks, Amrit Dhir – Head of Startups Connections at Google for Startups- visited Flow for a multi-activity day to meet entrepreneurs, founders and related stakeholders in the Palestinian Ecosystem. Amrit met the teams of Flow, Gaza Sky Geeks and Connect in an inspiring conversation about the current status of the Startup scene and its prospect, then met a group of Palestinian startups who have different challenges in fundraising, partnerships and others in a round discussion under the theme “Pitching Partnering”.  And in a public community event, Amrit gave his talk “Learning from Moonshots” for a wider audience of entrepreneurs, in which he draw out four practical lessons for innovators and founders based on what he had learned from his previous roles leading new business development for some of Google/Alphabet’s most ambitious projects: Verily’s Project Baseline; X’s killed cargo airships investigation; Google Helpouts; and Google for Startups.