In the “Future-Proof Ventures” online coaching event, Mr. Ameed Awad – the international digital consultant and trainer took our audience of female entrepreneurs on a tour in business sustainability through online marketing. In this digital marketing crash course, he revealed his strategies and techniques on Google Ads and social media channels for B2B and B2C businesses, to design ads to any segment as per business assigned goals. Mr. Ameed also touched on the importance of incorporating Mailchimp as an email marketing platform, Google Analytics, and digital branding.


At the “Future-Proof Ventures” online coaching event Mr. Ameed covers a variety of topics, including Content Marketing Fundamentals, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google – Digital Display Advertising, Google Analytics – Web Analytics, and Call to Action.


Mr. Ameed took us through the latest online marketing tools and tactics, as well as his tips and tricks for staying relevant and surviving the digital age’s constant technological evolution.