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Program Description

This program aims to ignite the spark of entrepreneurship and innovation among Palestinian youth. We understand that to create real change, we need to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. Innov8 is dedicated to providing valuable resources, knowledge, and opportunities to help Palestinian entrepreneurs thrive. Our program consists of three powerful components: an engaging podcast series – The “انت برنور” (ENTApreneur) which delves into the minds of startups founders, sharing their stories of challenges, lessons learned, and triumphs. An expert-led crash courses titled “Business on-the Go”, were we break down complex entrepreneurial concepts into easy-to-digest, 3-5-minute lessons, all presented in Arabic, and finally, our community-building events. Together, we will tackle the culture and mindset of Palestinian youth towards innovation and entrepreneurship by providing a platform for in-depth discussions with Palestinian business founders, decoding key entrepreneurial topics, and fostering a strong startup community through networking and team-building opportunities.