On December 15th, Flow Accelerator launched the Startup Ground Base Pre-Incubation Program, with 16 entrepreneurs from various fields taking part in a series of sessions and workshops aim to get entrepreneurs with innovative ideas ready to be developed for implementation. 

Startup Ground Base is a mentorship driven program  Providing mentorship, experience & advices on entrepreneurial competencies, business and technical aspects, and offering guidance in market research, tuning & shaping their business concept, as well as identifying the risks and opportunities. Therefore, the pre-incubation acts as a pipeline transfer- through helping startups complete the ideating and concepting stages- for the eligibility of participating in the next phase, incubation/prototyping. 

Entrepreneurs advanced to the incubation phase after attending a two-day boot camp designed to assist and provide them with the necessary skills to build and present a professional presentation in front of a specialized judging panel. In total, 16 West Bank entrepreneurs and 13 Gaza Strip entrepreneurs presented their pitch deck, with 16 from both sides qualifying for the incubation phase. 

Accepted entrepreneurs proceed to the six-week mentorship program, with professional mentors and experts in the field of entrepreneurship which consists of generic coaching and workshops, focusing on various topics, such as market research, design thinking, business model & customer acquisition, product roadmap design and development, as well as improving several personal skill-sets of the team led by experienced mentors, with the goal of achieving “Problem-solution fit.” 

The program is implemented by Flow Accelerator in partnership with Rubix Hive and Save Youth Future Society (SYFS). Flow provides a designed structured pre-incubation program with world class standards to the partnered incubators aim of standardizing the pre-incubation pipeline.