In 2023, Flow Accelerator’s core programs – UpScale, Shabab Plus, and Orange Corners Palestinian Territories – collectively marked a pivotal chapter in nurturing Palestinian entrepreneurship. These programs, backed by substantial funding and strategic partnerships, have been instrumental in accelerating startup growth, fostering innovation, and enhancing global market presence.

Here’s a holistic overview of the achievements and impact of each program, highlighting the number of startups enrolled, the extent of funding and support provided, and the tailored format of each.

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UpScale: Catalyzing Palestinian startups’ Journey to Global Success   

The startup ecosystem is a dynamic and challenging environment where innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirits are constantly put to the test. Here, we explore the transformative impact of UpScale Program with its comprehensive approach, has guided and supported a significant number of startups, specifically detailing the journey of 25 startups across both the Validation and Scaling tracks.”

1- Empowering Entrepreneurs through UpScale

UpScale played a crucial role in supporting Palestinian entrepreneurs by providing business development funding, resources, global outreach, and investment matchmaking. The comprehensive approach ensures that startups are not only well-funded but also well-connected, equipping them for worldwide expansion and fostering professional relationships with regional and international peers and investors.

2- Dual Tracks for Tailored Growth

The UpScale Program boosts competitiveness through two specialized tracks. The Validation Track focuses on coaching entrepreneurs in product development, team strengthening, and market validation. It’s designed to help startups develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), laying the foundation for innovative and market-ready products. The Scaling Track, on the other hand, prepares startups for growth and institutionalization, focusing on additional resources, understanding growth KPIs, and international expansion. The program has made a substantial impact, supporting 12 startups in the Validation Track and 13 in the Scaling Track. Each track is meticulously designed to cater to the startups’ unique developmental stages and needs.

3- Success Stories from the Scaling Track

Out of the 13 startups in the Scaling Track, 4 were shortlisted for further funding. These success stories include Salon Beauty Booking, CoachWhizz, STEM Buddies, and Naviatx, each benefiting from targeted support to scale their operations and expand their market presence.

4- Fostering Innovation in the Validation Track

In the Validation Track, 12 startups embarked on a journey of growth and development, with 4 being shortlisted for additional funding. Notable examples include Al Razi, CrowdPoll, Wayn, and GoLancer, each demonstrating remarkable progress in various aspects of their business.”

5- Global Outreach: Facilitating International Expansion

In addition to the core funding and development support, Flow Accelerator also offered critical opportunities for global outreach and has selected two standout startups from the Scaling Track, SallaGo and Edubook, for special support in expanding their reach beyond local markets.

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Shabab Plus: Revolutionizing Palestinian Economy 

In the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape of Palestine and dedicated to nurturing creative entrepreneurs, particularly in the Agriculture and Tourism sectors, the Shabab Plus program, stands as an inspiration of innovation and sustainable development. With a focus on supporting 12 entrepreneurs from the West Bank and Gaza, Shabab Plus stands as a testament to the power of targeted incubation in fostering a vibrant circular economy.

Program Structure and Its Transformative Effect:

Each phase of the Shabab Plus Program, from needs assessment and business plan development to product development, is meticulously designed to address specific challenges faced by entrepreneurs. The program’s tailored sessions, workshops, and expert guidance have significantly enhanced the personal skills of entrepreneurs, expanded their networks, and crystallized their business opportunities. This structured support has not only incubated ideas but has also accelerated these startups towards market readiness and scalability.

Orange Corners PT: Nurturing Entrepreneurial Growth

Aimed at fostering youth development and entrepreneurship, this Orange Corners Palestinian Territories program provides essential resources, coaching, and business development services. Here we explore the profound impact of the program on individual startups and how it has cultivated a new wave of innovation and business acumen. Along the 2023, we have enrolled 26 startups in the second and thirds cycles of the program with 13 startups shortlisted for business development funding.