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    Mentorship completion

    Flow has ended its three-month incubation phase covering topics related to business development, product development, personal skills empowerment, and technical assistance. Mentorship was structured on generic, specific, one-one-one, virtual, and in-house basis…

    Peer Mentoring

    As part of its incubation completion, Flow has arranged several peer mentoring, one-on-one sessions with top Palestinian startup leaders who worked closely to improve and provide constructive feedback and advice for a…

    MOU with HCIE

    Flow signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Higher Council of Innovation & Excellence to support startups and to help bridge the gap between them and investors.

  • ANIMA | The Next Society Partnership

    Flow has signed a promotional partnership agreement with the ANIMA Investment Network in their project ‘The Next Society’. The project is an open community of changemakers engaged in innovation and economic development.