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Partnership with Orange Corners PT and AstraZeneca

Flow Accelerator has celebrated in Amman with the presence of H.E. Minister of Entrepreneurship and Empowerment, Mr. Usama Sadawi the partnership between Orange Corners and AstraZeneca to boost youth entrepreneurship in Jordan and the Palestinian Territories.

Prolific Minds Bring About the Fertilizer Pen

Wafa’ Omoor and Safa’ Yaghi, are aspiring youth. Eager to enter the world of entrepreneurship and innovation as computer and energy engineers, they applied to the AgriMinds hackathon as soon as they saw the post online.

Success Comes in Cans Not Can Nots 

Awad Zayoud, Rushdi Zaid, and Hala Abu Ayyash are three ambitious individuals.  The three have been colleagues during their study years at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at Palestine Technical University—Khadoori. 

Success Is a Journey Not a Destination

Maysara Dar Khalil and Maryam Hamdan are anything but your average entrepreneurs. When the technology firm where they work expanded into the agricultural area, the two coworkers from Snipe Technologies saw an opportunity to apply their programming and technological talents to make planting smoother and more efficient for farmers.