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Inside the Entrepreneurial Mindset with Seedstars

Today were beyond thrilled to have Sabrina Salama, Seedstar’s Head of MENA Partnerships at our office. Her fruitful and engaging session enlightened our entrepreneurs as it provided a new perspective on the entrepreneurial mindset. She explained the type of skills that every entrepreneur should add to their training plans for an ongoing successful startup. Sabrina also explained Seedstars values and how they intersect with the entrepreneurial mindset, from which some of the entrepreneurs shared which of Seedstars’ values resonates with them the most and why they think so. Our audience of entrepreneurs found this activity interesting as it made them look at their own work behavior from a different angle.

All About Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning! CyberFest’s 3rd Bootcamp

On the 29th of July we kicked off the 3rd CybeFest technology bootcamp. This month’s theme was Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning!
We started off day one with Rana Daoud who prepared the participants to a day full of information through an introductory session on AI and Machine Learning, where she explained the major differences between both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and explained the topic of deep learning in addition to neural networks among many topics. Then Rawan Qadri dived deeper into neural networks in text mining, Starting with simple neural networks then moving into more complex forms before going into text mining theories and implementation.

Cloud Computing our 2nd Emerging Technology in CyberFest

On the 24th of June, we kicked off the second bootcamp of the CyberFest Program under Cloud Computing.
Alaaddin Ahmed gave a brief introduction to the cloud and cloud computing to kick off the day. Basil Salman then launched his crash course on Git, GitHub, and open source, which was followed by the first portion of a session on reactor. After that, Alaaddin brought the participants back for a tutorial on launching their apps on Microsoft Azure. Lastly, Raghad Afifi concluded the day with an interactive workshop on Design Thinking to spark their problem defining and solving skills. The second day of the bootcamp included three different workshops.

Another Partnership with Many More to Come

Flow Accelerator has formed yet another partnership, one of many to come! With such collaborations, we seek to provide Palestinian entrepreneurs from all around the country with the opportunities that will take their business to the next level.
Today, we are beyond thrilled to announce our collaboration with NGate – Business Innovation & Technology Hub! Through this collaboration, We will cooperate to put the Startup Ground Base Pre-Incubation program’s second cycle into effect in Nablus. This collaboration aims to provide our fellow entrepreneurs in Nablus with the needed assistance and trainings they require to advance with their unique ideas and turn their dreams a reality!

A Palestinian Journey for Global Success

Today was the day of Journey for Global Success event, as part of a joint collaboration between Flow Accelerator and Palestinian Business Network. This hybrid networking event was held in Palestine and broadcasted for our beloved Palestinian audience Sweden to showcase the journey to success for the Palestinian Bader Hamdan. Our network of Palestinian entrepreneurs and startup founders as well as our virtual audience in Sweden and the community of the Palestinian Business Network, were blown away as he took us on an inspiring journey through his experiences working for multi-billion global Fortune firms such as Cisco, Google, and Twilio,

Flow Accelerator Perspective on the Road to Entrepreneurship in Palestine

Today we were thrilled to be a part of the Startups Without Borders Networking Event under their and SPARK Middle East newest program “Startups on the Move”, supported from Google. During the event Majd Khalifeh, the CEO of Flow Accelerator participated in the “Road to Entrepreneurship Panel” where she hopped on the conversation of entrepreneurship Palestine, and presented her perspective on the current status of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and to where it should be heading in the future. Majd, also discussed her opinion on what drivers help startups in Palestine succeed and move forward.

Cyber Security Bootcamp – CyberFest

We kicked off the CyberFest Program with the first bootcamp under the topic of Cyber Security.


In the first day, from hackers, Cyber Attacks, Malwares, Cyber Security for developers, and many more. Our participants were lectured on a variety of topics! We stared off the day with a quiz from Amal Khalaily on general information about cyber security! The Backend Developer at Palo Alto Networks walked the participants through an introduction on the topic, then went deeper into the topic explain the various types of hackers, the different types of passwords hacking, cyber-attacks, and malwares among many more in her session.

Flow Accelerator Participation in the Annual Youth Summit

We are delighted and honoured to represent the Civic Society Organizations in the Palestinian delegation to the Regional High-Level Meeting on Youth’s Learning, Skilling and Transition to Work in MENA/Arab Region.
The delegation was headed by the Minister of Entrepreneurship & Empowerment along with representatives from the National TVET Commission, The Higher Council for Youth and Sports, Ministry of Labor and the Palestinian Employment Fund, Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Flow Accelerator and Youth from West Bank and Gaza.
During the meeting, Majd Khalifeh, Flow Accelerator’s CEO has participated as a panelist on “Young women and men leading social enterprises to address developmental challenges” along with other peers from Jordan,

Partnership with Orange Corners PT and AstraZeneca

Flow Accelerator has celebrated in Amman with the presence of H.E. Minister of Entrepreneurship and Empowerment, Mr. Usama Sadawi the partnership between Orange Corners and AstraZeneca to boost youth entrepreneurship in Jordan and the Palestinian Territories. H.E. Mr. Sadawi has explained how Orange Corners initiatives and this kind of Partnership help in supporting young entrepreneurs so they can contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive and prosperous society.
As part of the collaboration, AstraZeneca will provide funding to the programme through its Young Health Programme (YHP), and will also participate in OC’s mentorship programme, offering support for young entrepreneurs

CyberFest Kickoff

We finally launched CyberFest! our newest program in partnership with Friedrich Naumann Foundation – Jerusalem and in collaboration with Global Shapers – Haifa hub.
Through a series of six bootcamps implemented over a six-month period, this new program, aims to promote innovation while keeping participants up to date with the rapidly evolving global technological scene. Through workshops, seminars, ideation sessions, and a variety of qualitative activities, CyberFest will focus on key and emerging technologies.
The program will conclude with a hackathon competition. Bootcamp participants with eligible ideas will pitch their solutions to a panel of experts after conceptualizing the business aspect of it,

Orange Corners Palestinian Territories Pitching Day

Today was finally Pitching Day for the first cycle of the Orange Corners Palestinian Territories! And what a fantastic day it was! We got to meet a lot of new excellent startups and entrepreneurs with a lot of potential! Given that up to 47 startups were chosen to participate in the two-day bootcamp and 30 startups qualified to do their pitch.

Stay tuned to see the 15 lucky startups who will be able to participate in our 6-month Orange Corners Palestinian Territories Incubation Program, which aims to support Palestinian entrepreneurs in Gaza and the West Bank with a dynamic,

Orange Corners Palestinian Territories Bootcamp

Today marked the end of the Orange Corners Palestinian Territories Bootcamp! Our talented experts, speakers, and partners covered a variety of essential topics to assist our entrepreneurs in expanding their knowledge and growing their startups where they will be developing their pitch-deck and being prepared to participate in the pitching day.

On our first day, we met a promising group of entrepreneurs who were trained on Opportunity Analysis, Lean Methodology Essentials, MVP and Customer Development, business modeling, fundraising, and Go-to-Market Strategy and Brand Development.

On the second day, we focused on their pitching skills, Pitching Content Criteria,