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Celebrating the Journey of Growth with OCPT Demo Day

Every beginning has an end, and every end is the beginning of a new adventure. Today we celebrated the end of the first cycle of the Orange Corners Palestinian Territories Incubation Programme, in the presence of the Netherlands Representative in the Palestinian Territories, Mr. Michel Rentenaar, and many representatives from the private sector and our partners from the Palestinian entrepreneurship ecosystem.

At the same time, we welcomed the second cycle and the new group of incubatees. It was a great opportunity to meet the first cycle and become part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. We are proud of the achievements that have been achieved and looking forward to achieving more results and supporting entrepreneurs during the coming programmes.

Boosting Innovation in the Agriculture and Tourism Sectors

Under the Shabab Plus is an incubation program, which aims to incubate creative entrepreneurs that have applicable and scalable projects in the Agriculture and Tourism sectors, we held the Shabab Path training camp. A 3-day bootcamp that hosted 30 entrepreneurs from the West Bank and Gaza have attended various training sessions on entrepreneurship and business development.


The main objective of the first day was to introduce the participants to the entrepreneurial mindset and innovation in addition to the available opportunities and challenges in the agriculture and tourism fields.

With the End of CyberFest Our Participants Start a New Journey

Today we concluded the CyberFest Hackathon! Eleven ideas and thirty-two participants gathered in Jericho to conceptualize the startup ideas that they came up with during the previous CyberFest ThinkTank. Through a series of training sessions on various topics from Business modelling to financial planning, market research, prototyping, storytelling and many more, the teams were able validate their ideas furthermore and work on developing it day and night throughout those two days.
Besides the training and workshops, the participants got to meet and hear from two Palestinian tech founders Kareem Kurt – Co founder of Byrdbyte and Amin Ali –

When Outsourcing and Entrepreneurship Meet

As part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, Flow Accelerator alongside Factory-X and The Engineers Union in Nablus held the “When Outsourcing and Entrepreneurship Meet” event. We were joined by two great speakers Imam Hithnawi the Business Development and Partnership Specialist and Jafar Shunnar the Co-founder & CTO at TAP. Our speakers shared their tips and tricks for gaining global exposure and how it could benefit their businesses, in addition to their insights on the fourth industrial revolution and what it holds in terms of the future of work and the skills of tomorrow that the youth of Palestine should equip themselves with.

The First Steps for a Six-Month Journey

We just finished the Orange Corners PT bootcamp for the 2nd OCPT Incubation Programme. Many experts and mentors covered a range of important and valuable topics in different training sessions covering different topics about the Lean Startup lifecycle, startup business models, and the essentials of fundraising. After two days of intensive training, the entrepreneurs were able to develop their knowledge, and ideas besides improving their presentations to be ready for the pitching day.


During the Pitching Day, we were very pleased to be joined by  our experts provided their feedback to the participants and evaluated their solutions based on specific criteria during the pitching day.

The Next Generation of Techpreneurs in Palestine

Following the completion of the CyberFest bootcamp series, which focused on numerous technologies ranging from Cyber Security to Cloud Computing, AI & Machine Learning, Blockchain & Fintech, and lastly Big Data & Data Science. The entrepreneurial journey for the amazing community that has gown throughout the year has just begun with the CyberFest two-day ThinkTank!
During the ThinkTank, we brought together participants from the five prior bootcamps to create cutting-edge tech solutions. We kicked off the first day with Tarek Zboun who conducted group activities to get the participants more comfortable working in harmony within a group of people.

The Netherlands Prime Minister Visit to Flow Accelerator

It was an absolute pleasure to have H.E. Mark Rutte, the prime minister of the Netherlands visits us today at the Flow Accelerator office. H.E joined us to gain insights into the steps Orange Corners Palestinian Territories is taking to support entrepreneurs in the country, as well as to speak with Palestinian entrepreneurs to gain a better understanding of the positive aspects and bright future for Palestinians despite the complicated political situation they currently live in. Three entrepreneurs got to share their stories as Palestinian entrepreneurs to Mr. Rutte, who was intrigued by their innovative solutions and the journeys they’ve taken to build their businesses.

Exploring Entrepreneurship in Palestine with London Business School

Today Flow Accelerator and Gaza Sky Geeks held the “Exploring Entrepreneurship in Palestine” event, a get together between Palestinian founders and London Business School students under the “Contextualizing the Drivers of Innovation” theme of LBS’s Global Experience.
Through Ramallah’s Global Experience, we explored the factors underlying the success story in the areas of innovation and showcase the growing entrepreneurial scene in the country.
Kicking off the event with a welcoming was David Mayett, the economics professor from London Business School. From there Alan El-Kadhi Gaza Sky Geeks Director at Mercy Corps,

Data, Data Everywhere!

We concluded our CyberFest tech-focused bootcamp series with the Big Data and Data Science Bootcamp. Mohammad Tibi, kicked off the day with the “Data is the New Oil” session where he discussed several aspects in the field of data science with the participants. From structured and unstructured, categorical and numerical data types. He also explained the real meaning of data science as it encompasses a plethora of principles, subjects, algorithms, and processes for extracting patterns from large data sets. Then Fahed Khutaba delivered a session “Big Data in Practice” where he started by explaining what big data means and providing real examples of big data from different industries like HP Indigo and KLA.

Life Between Entrepreneurship and Life Commitments

We just had the second PowHer session titled “The clock keeps ticking”, as part of the Orange Corners Palestinian Territories Programmes. Afnan Mahmoud the freelancer trainer and consultant helped the entrepreneurs and leaders to better manage their time and use it more efficiently. Through several activities, she helped them realize how to spend their time, manage it, and how to prioritize tasks. The session was very engaging where participants shared the challenges they face with task prioritization and planning and why they need time management tools to overcome such issues.

For the first time, Palestine is in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report and We’re in It!

Startup Genome published The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2022 during the London Technology Week. This report contains a summary of the global ecosystem for startups and the most comprehensive research based on data from more than 280 entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems, as well as analyzed data from three million companies analyzed.
For the first time, Palestine was able to compete with other countries after Palestinian talent was largely isolated and succeeded in getting ahead of its peers to be mentioned in the global ecosystem of startups,

A Paperless Money Future – Blockchain & Fintech Bootcamp

Today we concluded the 4th bootcamp under the CyberFest program, this month’s topic was Blockchain and Fintech.

We kicked off day one with “The Rise of Open Banking” session with Muhammad Awaisi. During this session Muhamad introduced the participants to the concept of open banking ecosystem, its stages, regulators, early adopters, and key tenets of a successful Open Banking Ecosystem leading to a more competitive financial market. On top of open banking, Muhamad discussed new business opportunities based on Deloitte case studies and research reports. He then dived deeper into technical details of Open Banking APIs with samples,