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Concluding Upscale with Investment Showcase: Catalyzing Sustainable Growth

Hope and resilience shines through with the Investment Showcase: Catalyzing Sustainable Growth. This exclusive, invite-only event was designed to unite investors and founders in a pitching event, symbolizing the conclusion of the Upscale journey initiated in March 2023. This program, executed in collaboration between Flow Accelerator and SPARK, and funded by the European Union.

Despite the backdrop of challenges, nine startups took the virtual stage, presenting their groundbreaking ideas to a distinguished audience. Notable attendees included Silicon Badia, Dash Ventures, BLDR Ventures, Wamda Capital, BECO Capital, Cross Boundary,

Launching the Fourth Cycle of OCPT Incubation Programme

In the face of current challenges in Palestine, hope prevails as we witness the energy and resilience of Palestinian youth striving for positive change. We are excited to announce the commencement of Cycle 4 of our flagship programme, standing as the cornerstone of our commitment to fostering entrepreneurial success and inspiring hope. 


The primary goal of our Incubation Programme is to empower entrepreneurs in their early stages, providing essential elements for success. This includes access to valuable resources, extensive support opportunities,

Flow Accelerator Joins Village Capital’s MENA Ecosystem Builders 2023 Program

We are thrilled to announce that Flow Accelerator has been handpicked as one of the 12 privileged Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) to be part of Village Capital’s accelerator-for-accelerators program in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


With our simple yet profound dream to ignite the passion of our local innovators, thinkers, and visionaries, we stand today among a league of extraordinary ESOs, we are reminded of that dream, and more than ever, we feel charged to make it bigger.


Village Capital’s MENA Ecosystem Builders program is an initiative focused on supercharging local ESOs,

Coming Together – Resilience & Support Gathering

In times of overwhelming challenges and heart-wrenching tragedies, coming together as a community often creates a sense of hope despite our bruised souls. That’s why we gathered in our office alongside entrepreneurs and enablers from the community to come together to share thoughts and means to provide support to our brothers and sisters in Gaza.


The recent turmoil in Gaza had left an indelible mark on many. Destroyed houses and offices, cherished memories of colleagues no longer with us, and the pause in tales of innovation and growth painted a poignant picture of loss.


The National Bank and Flow Accelerator Announce the Launch of the Pal Blue Book Platform

Ramallah, October 2, 2023: Under the patronage of the Palestinian Capital Market Authority, The National Bank and Flow Accelerator announced the launch of the Pal Blue Book platform, one of the fintech solutions developed through their collaboration in the Digital Technology Incubation Program initiated in 2021. The launch event was attended by the General Manager of the Palestinian Capital Market Authority, Baraq Al-Nablusi, Executive Director of the Financial Stability Group at the Palestinian Monetary Authority, Iyad Zeitawi, Chief Executive Officer of Flow Accelerator, Majd Khalifeh and the CEO of The National Bank, Salameh Khalil, along with representatives from insurance and leasing companies and journalists.

Team Up for a Strong Team

What an electrifying day! The spirit of collaboration and innovation was the highlight of the “Team Up” workshop. From shared laughter during the icebreakers to the in-depth concentration seen during team challenges, every moment was a celebration of the potential that teamwork brings.
We witnessed how open dialogue can significantly enhance communication, becoming the force that drives every thriving team. Through shared experiences, the bond grew stronger, laying down a solid foundation of trust that’s so essential for all relationships. The diverse thought processes and perspectives present brought the team closer.
The challenges certainly brought out the best in everyone.

It’s Legal Day at Flow Accelerator

We just concluded an informative Legal Day focusing on the Palestinian Company Law organized as collaboration between Monsha’ti, the legal clinic at An-Najah National University, UNDP, and Flow Accelerator.
Mr. Mohammed Al-Atrash from An-Najah National University shed light on several key topics, including company registration and intellectual property through an interactive session.
The audience was a diverse group, ranging from entrepreneurs and startup owners to private business owners. Additionally, the event attracted lawyers who were keen on enhancing their understanding of startup regulations and related matters.

Preparing for the 3rd Cycle of OCPT Bootcamp

Just wrapped up an incredible 2day Bootcamp for Orange Corners Palestine!


We kicked off the 1st day with sessions on Lean startup life cycle, value proposition, and market mapping. The participants learned about validating ideas, crafting compelling value propositions, and understanding their target market.


The interactive sessions fostered collaboration and networking among the attendees, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Due to the continuous difficulties the Palestinians are experiencing, the second day of the Orange Corners PT Bootcamp was conducted online.


However, we are really pleased with the level of commitment displayed by the participants on Zoom.

Orange Corners Demo Day: Celebrating Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit

We just concluded an incredible event – the Orange Corners Palestinian Territories’ Demo Day for the second cycle! It was a convergence of innovation, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit! The talented incubatees of Orange Corners presented their groundbreaking ideas in 2-minute pitches. Their projects showcased vision, impact, and remarkable growth during the incubation program.


We were blown away by their creativity and dedication! We were honored to have H.E Usama Sadawi, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Empowerment, and H.E Mr. Michel Rentenaar, Head of Mission at the Netherlands Representative Office in Ramallah, grace the occasion with their presence.

A Tour to Palestine Techno Park and Flow Accelerator

Today, 50 brilliant minds from Arab American University – Jenin explored Palestine TechnoPark and Flow Accelerator!
Thanks to the incredible efforts of Saed Hanani, Orange Corner’s Student Ambassador at AAUP, the visit to Flow Accelerator and Palestine Technopark was a remarkable Dare2Ask event. 👏🎉
The students had a great opportunity to delve into the cutting-edge facilities of Palestine TechnoPark, getting a glimpse of their visionary initiatives. 💡 Moreover, they gained valuable insights about the opportunities offered by Orange Corners Palestinian Territories and Flow Accelerator,

Delicious Food, Fun Trivia Night, and Good Company in the OCPT Ramadan Iftar

We gathered today for a wonderful get together to celebrate Ramadan with Orange Corner’s 1st cohort alumni and the 2nd cohort incubatees alongside our friends from the community for an evening of delicious food, friendly competition, and good company.

After the iftar, the fun continued with a trivia night. Teams were formed, and the competition was on! The trivia categories included history, pop culture, geography, among others. The questions were challenging, but everyone had a great time working together to come up with the answers. In the end, one team emerged victorious and was awarded a prize.


Entrepreneurs Practiced their Elevator Pitch in the Elevator!

7 startups had the chance to pitch their ideas with Mr. Sameer Huleileh the Chairman of Palestine Exchange in the elevator to simulate a real-world scenario and test their ability in convincing an investor with their startup in about 50 seconds.
In this high-energy event, startup founders took turns hopping into the elevator for a chance to leave an impression to Mr. Sameer who provided the participating entrepreneurs with valuable feedbacks and comments as he was impressed with the ideas of the participating startups.
Big thanks to Mr.